About Us

Our Vision

Our Goal

Advanced Network Technology was founded to help small businesses utilize today’s Information Technology (IT). We  turn the power of IT into solutions.  Most companies today struggling trying to find the right solutions that give them an edge.  These solutions can be overwhelming, that is where we come in.

We strive to help businesses leverage IT to maintain maximum up-time, ensure the highest level of security, and develop a solid foundation based on proven software and hardware solutions to continue to stay competitive and successful. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Our Founder

Why Us

Until now, only medium to large corporations have had both the luxury of a fulltime IT staff as well as a large devoted IT budget. Advanced Network Technology (ANT) wants to change that. We want to bring the same level of IT solutions to small businesses at a fraction of the cost.              

The Playing Field

All businesses evolve around the flow of information. One of the essential elements to a company’s success lies in its ability to handle that flow. Developing and maintaining the right infrastructure in combination with the right hardware and software solutions is the key to continued success. This critical area can increase productivity, improve communications, and help control costs.

The Question

So how does a small business achieve these IT Goals? How do they determine what is right for their organization, today as well as tomorrow? What will it cost? How long will it take to implement and furthermore, who will do it? So many small companies struggle with these areas, and most of the time end up spending too much time and money without the right solutions. We want to alleviate this burden and take the fear out of information technology.     

Erik J. Eckert

Founder: 20 Years

Expertise: ERP, Virtualization, Security